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Why didn't we think of this before! We have been making bespoke wedding cake toppers for an age but it never dawned on us to do our own line of Cupcake Toppers!! More and more brides and grooms are turning their backs on the traditional wedding cake in search of something a little different. Some are going for doughnuts (which these toppers would also work perfectly in btw), pie tables and, course, CUPCAKES! You may even decide you want a beautiful cake AND matching wedding cupcakes... and why shouldn't you?!

Enter the Cupcake Topper! These are SO sweet and can be fully customised to suit your wedding colours, match your invitations or simply display little notes like the much beloved 'Eat Me!'

These are gorgeous little add ons that you can get right here at Emerald Heart. Whether you have ordered your wedding stationery from us or if you are looking for something to personalise your big day a bit more - you can't go wrong with these little gems.

In the style of our wedding invitation package 'Hot Air Balloon'

In the style of our Wedding Invitation Package 'The Wedding Cake'

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