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There are so many decisions to be made for your Big Day and Wedding Invitations are certainly one of the biggest and most important. They can be seen as a taster for your guests as to what to expect at the wedding, so it really should be perfect! There are ways to make this step simple, choosing an invitation from Emerald Heart is a good start of course! Sometimes, choosing a simple package that really focuses on the love that you both share together can be more powerful that producing all the bells and whistles!

This wedding stationery package does just that. It's a simple, stylistic gem that is a real tear jerker! You won't have a dry eye among your guests when you send this little beauty out in the post!

This is a gorgeous, simple Wedding Invitation Package that focuses on the beauty of a loving embrace. Where would we be without a good hug?! Your main Invitation includes a hand drawn illustration of you and your beloved wrapped in each other's arms. The RSVP card features two little hands making a love heart shape together... how sweet. A beautiful, alternative Wedding Invitation package that will make an impact without overshadowing your big day!

Tie this in with your wedding colours by choosing a coloured ribbon!

See the full collection here!

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