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When it comes to your Big Day, everyone will tell you to ‘enjoy every minute’. But with all that’s happening, it can be hard to take in all the little details. It’s true, your photographer will take hundreds (if not thousands) of photos, but you only have so much wall space and won’t be able to hang every memory. Keepsakes are something very special, something that will be tresured by the happy couple and maybe even handed down the generations.

It can be so nice to have some small mementos of your special day, such lovely little reminders of the laughter (and tears) you shared together.

Paper Dolls are a unique, beautiful and ancient artform and we think they make such wonderful wedding keepsakes! At Emerald Heart, our Custom Paper Doll Couples are perfectly bespoke to represent you and your beloved. These little Paper Dolls will be hand drawn in your likeness, printed and cut out by hand and put togther so that their little limbs are movable. They can then be mounted in a frame or left ready to be framed.

Each doll can be drawn wearing the outfits from your Big Day. If you have a bouquet, this can also be in the dolls hand, every little detail can be added, including jewellery, hair pieces and boutonnieres. As an optional extra, we can include paper doll versions of your pets or children!

These make a perfect wedding gift too, a unique way for a couple to capture the memory of their special day in miniature romantic paper doll form! For more information on Paper Doll Gift Vouchers click here.

Paper dolls with moving limbs have been around for a long time, this is a very special, sweet art form and we’re happy that they’re making a welcome resurgence.

To find out more click here or to place an order please contact us

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