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The King & Queen of Hearts are the most romantic of all the playing cards in the pack. Imagine you and your beloved being turned into your very own playing card wedding invitation, how sweet! The queen delicately holds a beautiful red rose, adorned with a crown of gold, turn the card upside down and the king is also adorned with a crown of gold holding a very special wedding ring. The whole set makes a wonderful wedding package for a very special couple looking for something that is completely different from the norm. The information card is designed with a vintage card deck it mind. Four sweet little cherubs are flying above the clouds, which only ads to this loved up wedding stationery.

King & Queen of Hearts Wedding Invitation

This outrageously fun, Playing Card themed Wedding Invitation displays your initials in the top left & bottom right corners. The King & Queen are fully customisable and will be hand drawn versions of you and your beau. Not a fan of hearts, we can do diamonds instead!

Would work well in an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding too!

Also available as Queen & Queen / King & King of Hearts!

Contact us if you have any questions!


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