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Mishi Goes Berserk Comic

Mishi Goes Berserk Comic

First Edition of Mishi Goes Berserk - MISHI GOES BERSERK is a mesmerising tale of a seven year old girl who has a bout of berserkness, once a day, every day between 8 and 9. This berserkness coincides with a gang of energetic poodles who love her to the ends of the earth.

Each copy is numbered and initialed

Was first a successful Kickstarter campaign, see here: Mishi Kickstarter

40 full colour Pages (heavy card cover)
American Comic Book size (168x260 mm / 6.5x10.5 inch) - Large!
Ages - Suitable for all ages, children and adults will love it
Designed / Written by Natalie Byrne
Printed in Ireland

Comes wrapped bio degradable wrapping

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