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Yay! We're so excited to reveal this year's Christmas Shop. We have two Christmas Card Packs available this year, featuring either bears or squirrels! Our Squirrel range features flashy pink ski suits, snowy mountain peaks, tree decorating, dressing as Santa, going down the slopes and wrapping up warm in pink snow.

Our Bear range has more of a vintage 50's vibe and features dancing with cocktails, gingerbread houses, bear treats, carrying the Christmas Tree and being with forest friends.

Both sets come with one special card! Our Squirrel Santa Card has a real furry snow ball attached to Santa's Hat. Our Gingerbread House Bear Card comes in the shape of a little house, both are completely unique and totally cutesy!

Also in the Christmas Shop this year are our matching Squirrel and Bear Gift Tags. They are even cuter in real life and come in a pack of 8 with matching stripe twine for tying them to your special gifts!

We are a small business and really appreciate when you decide to shop small with us! Hope you like the range as much as we do! Hope to see you filling up the shop soon!

Now let's get FESTIVE!


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