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Trying to make your wedding different from all the rest can be a daunting affair. Couples can get stressed thinking about what they will have to spend on expensive extras, just to make their big day more memorable. However, what we've found from talking to many wedding guests is that they seem to appreciate the little touches much more than the big, expensive ones. There are many ways that you can make your wedding day more personal and a lot of them cost very little, or are even free! Here's 3 of our favourites...

Learn a dance

It doesn't have to be a big, elaborate routine. Even if you coordinate a few moves with your spouse / parent / head table it can be so entertaining and wow your guests.

Release a paper lantern

These inexpensive paper lanterns make a beautiful display when released into the skies at night. Guests can even write a wish for the happy couple on their lantern, really adding a personal touch.

Photo Tree

Fill a vase with long twigs that you collected in your nearby park or forest and using miniature wooden pegs, clip photographs to the branches. These can be photos of you and your beloved throughout the years, your parent's/grandparent's wedding days or loved ones that you've lost.

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