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Have you guessed by now that we absolutely LOVE foxes here at Emerald Heart??!! They feature in quite a few of our Wedding Invitation designs. Do these wild little beings represent love in its truest form? Well, maybe not... but they are just the sweetest little things, with the perfect level of feral woodland fluffiness.

If you like fox wedding invitations, have a woodland, forest or rustic theme, this is the stationery package for you! The main colours are cool mint green, with vibrant florals in pinks and yellows but it is completely customisable to suit your wedding colour scheme.

It is a different take on the Fox & Hare Bundle, this Wedding Invitation displays two tiny loved up foxes declaring their love for one another on their Wedding Day, so sweet! With beautiful falling leaves and bouquets of vibrant flowers, this Wedding Stationery is for the couple who love forests, florals and fauna. This design has a vintage, bohemian feel that will wow your guests!

See the full collection and sizes, details here.

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