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AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We are SOOO excited about this new project!! I know we were already offering custom illustrated pet portraits to include in your Wedding Invitations but now we have decided that we're sure that you would love dedicated pet paper dolls! These can be made as movable paper doll animals, how sweet, or as illustrations. They can be decorated with florals or be wearing clothes! All options comes with a little food bowl with their name on it, their favourite ball/toy and a banner at the top with their Latin animal name, for dogs - Canis Familiaris and for cats it's Felis Catus. We can illustrate any pet, no matter how unusual they might be. Horses, Gerbils, Lizards, Ducks, Rabbits... heck we'll even illustrate made up animals and your child's favourite stuffed animal!

All you have to do is send us on some good quality pics of your beloved hairy ones and we will illustrate them, print them, add moving limbs (or not) and then frame them (optional). Seriously... how cute is this idea? These would make great gifts too. We do gift vouchers also, contact us if you want to get started.

For more info / pricing go to our Pet Portraits Page

Think before you show this to your fur baby, once they see this THEY WILL WANT ONE!

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