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Do you have a pet that you adore beyond belief? Have you lost a very special, precious furry friend and would like to celebrate their memory some how? Well, Emerald Heart make custom Illustrated pet drawings that are perfect if you answered "YES" to either of the above q's! Adorn your pet in flowers or have them sitting and giving the paw. They could even be wearing your tie-dye t-shirt or giving you the stink eye.

Whatever sums up your pet, put it in writing and send it to me, along with 2-3 quality photos of your beloved fur ball. I will then draw your animal, send it to you for review and once you're happy, I will send you a digital file and a print in your chosen size ready for framing [A4 or A5]. We can do Cats, Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Ponies, Hamsters, Snakes, Parrots, other... All Pet Illustrations are designed and hand made in our tiny studio by the sea in Co. Wexford, Ireland.

Here are some of our recent Pet Illustrations


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