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How do I get all this work done on my own, I hear you ask? Well I don't, because I have a great little helper; my dog, Sparky. He is a 5 and a half year old terrier that we rescued over 3 years ago now. And he is a great help around the Emerald Heart Studio, whether he is cutting up ribbons for invites, or helping box up big bundle orders. Sometimes he even writes the thank you cards for Couples, whether they want him to or not. When he's off-duty though, Sparky loves to run in the forest by our home, or jump into the ocean. But at the end of the day, he tends to just want to snuggle up with a hot coco, a blanky and a good movie [Lady & The Tramp is a big favourite]. One thing is certain though, without Sparky around, we wouldn't be having near as much fun as we do.

Me and Sparky at home

The best boy


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