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THE WEDDING - Book Themed Wedding Invitation

Ever thought your relationship deserved to be written about in a book? A wonderful Romance Novel, perhaps? Well now you can. Celebrate your Marriage with The Wedding, inspired by a classic, vintage hard back book cover. You and your significant other will be turned into a hand-drawn version of yourselves to appear as silhouettes on the cover. Then your customisable Love Story will be printed on a book mark for your guests to keep forever, so sweet. This is very special bundle for those romantics out there who's love deserves it's own book!

The Wedding in Peppermint Green

Book themed Wedding Invitations are a beautiful keepsake and because your silhouettes are on the cover, it makes these invitations truly unique and personal!

This particular package lends itself well to most colour schemes, so get in touch for a sample or a mock up in a different colour scheme to what's pictured.

Alternative Book Themed Invitation is A Love Story


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