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It's been a pretty sad 2020 so far. Hopefully when we come out of this year there will be a turning point for the way people see and treat each other. We have to celebrate love in all its forms and wherever we can find it. We wanted to shout from the treetops that we are a fully inclusive business here at Emerald Heart and encourage all couples, with no concern for race or gender. As long as there is love, what business is it of anyone's to get involved.

All that is happening in regards to racism of late has truly saddened us all here. Our eyes have been opened to the deeply engrained systemic racism that is still so prevalent in our society. We want change and we believe that this is the turning point for change. It won't happen over night but if we open our eyes to it and stand up for it as individuals, we can begin to end the injustice.


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