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We're in love with the paper doll art form and delighted to be able to offer these amazing little paper humans (and pets) to you all out there. Paper Dolls make the most amazing, personalised Wedding Gifts. Or, maybe you have a friend of loved one who is celebrating a birthday / special occasion and you are wondering what to get that will be different and close to their heart.

We will illustrate your whole family, you and your pet, you and your beau on your wedding day, you and your baby, your kiddies, your nana, your horse, you get where we are going here... right?! Any human or animal that is close to your heart!!

Wedding paper dolls with illustrated wedding dress / suit and bouquet or boutonniere included

We will then cut out all the body parts by hand (the tiniest of limbs are our favourite!). Piece them together using tiny metal brads. Then, once that's done, they can be mounted in a frame by us or you can get the dolls sent out ready for whichever use you have for them!

Truly the best wedding present, birthday gifts, special occasion gift that is not available on the high street (if we do say so ourselves!)


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