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At Emerald Heart, we specialize in all types of Wedding Invitations and all manner of Wedding Stationery. One very popular extra that couples usually request from us is Ceremony Booklets. These items allow your guests to read along with all the lovely things that will be said at your Wedding Ceremony/Mass. Our Ceremony Booklets come in two sizes; if you would prefer your guests to share a booklet, then A5 books are your best bet. The A6 booklets would suit one person and they are totally cutesy! You can choose to have them with or without ribbon. We make these Booklets to order and they are usually themed to your Wedding Invite so that a cohesive design/look is achieved across the board.

Example 1 - Ceremony Booklet 1

Example 2 - Ceremony Booklet 2

Example 3 - Ceremony Booklet 3


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