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It can be so hard to imagine what our wedding invitations might look like in a certain colour scheme and you feel like disregarding one because you think it won't work in a different hue. Well, you might be right but before you decide to throw away 'A Bicycle Made For Two' we just wanted to show you this invitation in an alternative colour scheme.

A Bicycle Made For Two in Sea Blue, Sunshine Yellow and Petal Pink

About this invitation

You and your beloved ride your tandem bicycle together, on your way to your wedding celebrations! You will both be hand drawn to feature on the bicycle, in a colour scheme that suits you! Your basket is filled will beautiful, sweet scented peonies and these feature throughout this very special wedding invitation package. The RSVP includes the lines 'You’ll look sweet upon the seat, of a bicycle made for two! A very special bundle for the couple who love the outdoors, have a sense of adventure and of course have a liking for this two wheeled form of transport!

Add a pet / child in the basket too! Find out more about our pet portraits here, don't leave out your fur babies!

Would you like to see this invitation in another colour scheme? Get in touch and we will send you a no obligation email sample of A Bicycle Made For Two wedding invitation in the shade you are looking for. See it in a peppermint green here.

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