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This weeks' featured invite from the Emerald Heart Wedding Collection is called Courtesan Au Chocolat. Based on the iconic and beautiful Mendl's Cake Box from Wes Anderson's film The Grand Budapest Hotel, now you and your beloved's names can be proudly displayed on your very own cake box! Soooo sweet! While this Wedding Invitation is actually flat, it is trimmed at the corners and designed to give it that 3D look. The RSVP proudly displays the perfect tiny leaning tower of the Courtesan Au Chocolat and there is also a Recipe for the Perfect Wedding Information Card. If your love is like something out of a Wes Anderson film, or you just have a major sweet tooth, this is the invitation for you my friend! Colours can be changed to suit each couple's individual wedding and details can also be edited.

Courtesan Au Chocolat [Invite Bundle]

Courtesan Au Chocolat [RSVP Front & Back]

Courtesan Au Chocolat [Map & Recipe Card]

Courtesan Au Chocolat [Bundle - Wrapped]


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