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By day, I am the Wedding Invitation Queen by the sea. But by night, when the stars appear, something else comes over me and by the light of the moon, I am reborn as a designer of wild and wonderful mixed media goods under the name The Stars Appeared. This side of my personality is an extension of my Emerald Heart persona, but I am even freer to create different works that appeal to my sense of fun, excitement and mystery.

The Stars Appeared is the avenue I use to create Comics, Books, Mini-Zines, Prints, Tin Cans, Greeting Cards, Postcards and all manner of Paper Goods that exist in the Geometric Bubble dimension of my mind. All items are for sale in the Emerald Heart store, are extremely well priced and ship worldwide. My latest Comic/Zine is called Maudy Floats Away [pictured below], a 20 page piece featuring beautiful illustrations and the soulful & funny story of Maudy. So have a root around the shop, you might find something you love there.

Maudy Floats Away [Comic/Zine] - Bundle featuring Book, Bookmark, Sticker & Mini Postcards

Glad Your Were Born [Greeting Card]

Manifest That Sh*t [Mini Print]


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