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This weeks' featured invite from the Emerald Heart Wedding Collection is called Glittering Skies. You and your beloved are looking through your telescope and seeing the most amazing skies, glittered with specs of pastel colours. This gorgeous Wedding Invitation Bundle is designed with heavenly skies in mind. Pastel shades adorn each item of this simple yet stylish modern wedding stationery. Tiny geometric shapes are also seen throughout this design, which add to the glittering element. Pinks float into orange and peach tones and then into blues, cyans and creams. Tiny coloured bubbles float through the design. The sweetest bundle that will have your guests enamoured. Colours can be changed to suit each couple's individual wedding and details can also be edited.

Glittering Skies [Bundle]

Glittering Skies [Invite Front & Back]

Glittering Skies [Map & Accommodation List]

Glittering Skies [Bundle; Wrapped]


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