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I love Bookmarks. For one thing, with a Bookmark, you can eliminate the need for Dogs Ears in your favourite Books. That is definitely a plus, right? But beyond that, Bookmarks can be highly customisable and beautifully designed. And at Emerald Heart, that is what we are all about. I have created a lot of different Bookmarks over the years and many have been added as an Extra for some of my Wedding Invitations. They are a great way to sneakily include some of your Wedding Information like a List Of Accommodation, a Custom Map, or to tell your Love Story in a unique and special way. And as an added bonus, your guests can keep your Wedding Bookmarks in their favourite Books too. You can also add silken Tassels, for the elegant and discerning Wedding Couple. As far as I'm concerned, the sky is the limit with Bookmarks. I've even designed a beautiful Bookmark for my Comic Maudy Float's Away. Get in touch today to plan your Custom Bookmark with us.

Some of of recent Custom Bookmarks


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