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A few months ago, I told you about the Custom Paper Dolls we make at Emerald Heart. Well, for your viewing pleasure, here are some we made earlier; my hubs Dave, our crazy dog Sparky, and me in illustrated Paper Doll form. As you can see from the pictures below, a Paper Doll rendering of a person is very cute and fun, and the best part is, the limbs can be moved. This is possible with the aid of brads, small metal clips that are easily maneuverable. A lot of people get Paper Doll versions of themselves made for many occasions, like Weddings or milestone Birthday celebrations, but the truth is, our Paper Dolls can be made for any occasion; moving into a new house, the arrival of a child or new pet, or simply for the love of this very old-fashioned artform. So if you're interested in Paper Dolls too [and why wouldn't you be?], get in touch with us now to immortalize yourself forever in paper. Or if you are looking for amazing, custom wedding gifts for a couple you know, you could do a lot worse than these magic items.

Me, Dave & Sparky as Custom Paper Dolls


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